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About version 5 and our new roadmap for QuotesCover

A new vision and roadmap

From 2012 QuotesCover have positioned itself as a simplest tools to create Quotes Picture. A picture with quotes text over it. And now with the arrival of Version 5 , we are going to “enhance” that. Our new vision is to be a simplest yet fastest place to create great looking image design with the help of automation. So it is not only for quotes, but it should able to handle more complicated and richer than that. We have created roadmad to achieve that.

About Version 5 and its future

To support our new roadmap, we put new features and new UI/UX into Version 5. Here are the main big Four:

The Layers

The biggest difference with previous version is the introduction of Layers. This layers will enabling user to create much more creative artwork. Basically we split design objects into stacked layer where you can change its properties or stacks. We are going to write more detailed article about how layer work. But the point is that this layer system will make it more future proof because we can add as many customized graphic component.

Image 1. Click and drag layer to change it stacks

New User Interface and Experience

A new redesigned UI/UX is now focused on productivity. We make it simpler and more intuitive. There is also more customization options like new background categories which devide it not only by color, but also by weather, object, etc.

Image 2. More customization option for more productivity

Our own graphic assets

We are about to producing our own graphic assets including font, backgrounds, cliparts, frame, particles, overlay texture, prettymuch everything to support artistic and unique image result. We are planning to start it on August.

Introducing: membership

We want to support our donors more. Thats why we introduce membership. By default, everyone who want to create design on QuotesCover will have the same experience, except we enhance it with new quote maker app: version 5 for guest. Version 5 for guest have more features and better performance compared to Version 3.4 (This is the version before we introduce membership).  This means everyone will have more benefit and the donors will have even more.


Image 3. Membership and exclusive contents

We believe that by combining above features and combined it with our Design Artificial Intelligent will lead into a time saving design process which have artistic result for many needs.

What is next update plans?

More exciting features are coming. Here are the lists:

  1. Custom Watermark Layer. The ability to add logo, text, social media address, etc as a watermark overlay on a separate layer
  2. Ornament Layer. Automatically generate ornament or particle for more richer look and feel.
  3. Clipart layer. A layer for adding clipart, annotation, or any custom png or overlay
  4. Save as template, so you can create consistent look and feel for future.
  5. Canvas guidelines for more accurate text placement
  6. Manual font and background selection
  7. Load premium contents directly from application.
  8. Text rotation
  9. Select and Move individual letter
  10. Global Undo and Redo button


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