128 Best desire Quotes Images

Last Updated on: September 20th, 2016 at 5:49 pm

Need an original and unique desire quotes? Check this collection of 128 the best desire quotes. Some of them has a beautiful quotes picture already, but you can redesign it at you will, because a catchy quotes with good looking typography will be more memorable for the reader. Here are the list:

  • 31. Irish proverb about appreciation.

    May you always be blessed with walls for the wind. A roof for the rain. A warm cup of tea by the fire. Laughter to cheer you. Those you love near you. And all that your heart might desire.

    Irish Proverb
  • 32. Dame Rebecca West quote about passion.

    It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.

    Dame Rebecca West
  • 33. Bill Cosby cquote about success.

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

    Bill Cosby
  • 34. All progress is

    All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.

    Samuel Butler
  • 35. Mary Shelley quote about action.

    If our impulses were confined to hunger, thirst and desire, we might be nearly free, but now we are moved by every wind that blows, and a chance word or scene that that word may convey to us.

    Mary Shelley
  • 36. John P. Grier quote about illusion.

    Illusion is always based on reality, for its strength depends upon its fit with the desires, fears and experiences of countless humans.

    John P. Grier
  • 37. Max Lerner quote about espionage.

    There are some who become spies for money, or out of vanity and megalomania, or out of ambition, or out of a desire for thrills. But the malady of our time is of those who become spies out of idealism.

    Max Lerner
  • 38. Arthur Schopenhauer quote about wisdom.

    My desire is for wisdom, not for the exercise of the will. The will is the strong blind man who carries on his shoulders the lame man who can see.

    Arthur Schopenhauer
  • 39. Henri Frédéric Amiel quote about duty.

    Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers.

    Henri Frédéric Amiel
  • 40. Daniel Bell quote about learning.

    To think of learning as a preparation for something beyond learning is a defeat of the process. The most important attitude that can be formed is that of desire to go on learning.

    Daniel Bell
  • 41. George Bernard Shaw quote about imagination.

    Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

    George Bernard Shaw
  • 42. Polish proverb about inquisitiveness.

    Curiosity – the first step to hell.

    Polish Proverb
  • 43. English proverb about patient.

    Good things come to those who wait.

    English Proverb
  • 44. Neil Armstrong quote about understand.

    Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.

    Neil Armstrong
  • 45. Thomas Wolfe quote about romantic.

    Is this not the true romantic feeling; not to desire to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping you. 

    Thomas Wolfe